Modern Pentathlon – Sample Course

Green numbers: default course

Red numbers: easier options carrying penalties

  1. Rolltop 90 cm
  1. Open Table 90 cm

Right-angle fence consisting of

  1. Skinny Brush to RHS 1 m

3 (alt) Plain brush to LHS of right-angle, double the width of the RHS, 90 cm

Gives a longer route to fence 4.

  1. Triple bounce, distances 4m & 4 m, heights 80 cm, 90 cm, 1 m respectively. Horse still needs to be placed fairly well, but the lower first part is forgiving.
  1. (alt) Simple treble, all three parts uprights at 95 cm, distances 8 m & 8 m Jumping red option at 3 pretty much obliges the rider to take red option at 4 also, because of the line.
  1. Triple bar at 1.05 m High for the less good riders, but the easiest form of spread fence to mitigate the height
  1. Skinny trapezium brush 1 m. Line from 5 to 6 rewards the rider who can steer and balance their horse to ride a good line with accuracy
  2. 6. (alt) Same, at 90 cm and wider between flags Easier jump but forces a longer route to next fence.
  1. Parallel bars at 1 m

Cut corner inside fences 2 and 11 to arrive at

  1. a) Upright first part of double 1.05 m, giving angled route to 8) b) 1.05 m, set 12m centre to centre (2 strides)

Or take longer route to arrive at

8) (alt) a) straight double, upright at 1m, 8) b) = 8 a). 12 m distance (two strides)

Angle at 8) a) sets up a good turn into

9 a) and b) Double of two corners, set on a slightly curving line, 1 m, 16 m (three strides) apart

probably the most technically demanding fence on the course.

This could be built using ordinary show jumps, especially if low stands (1 – 1.05 m) could be used for the apex of each corner.

8 a) also sets up an equally good line to

9 (alt) a) & b) Simple two-stride double of parallels at 95 cm

but the line after is unforgiving: either a quick, difficult turn into 10), or a much longer route round to 10 (alt)

  1. Pimple 1 m, circular, very narrow
  1. (alt) Pimple, 90 cm, wider and more elliptical as example here.
  2. Corner, 1.05, rails continuing on downward slope via a blocked-off centre to 11) (alt) a) and b), double, 90 cm and 1 m, with 8 m distance between

12 ) Steeplechase fence, 1.15 m (extra height allowed for brush top, as in eventing rules)

  1. (alt) Steeplechase fence, 1.05 m, set at an angle away from the finish. No extra penalties for this option. The angle penalises by being out of line with the finish. However, the medium standard rider might be able to jump to the inside at an angle to the left, and reach the finish only a second or two after riders who take default 12.

Steeplechase fence a crowd-pleaser – most will be unaware that, height notwithstanding, it’s one of the easiest fences on the course. And they’ll appreciate the rider’s gallop to the finish – a bit of drama with no harm to the horse!

Start set close to first fence so as not to impede short cut routes later in the course.

Apologies for some minor layout problems; I don’t know how to resolve these in WordPress!

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