15.3½ hh metallic golden buckskin
by ATAMEKAN (Grade I) out of GULARA (Elite)

Photograph by courtesy of SORREL IRELAND 

XANADU is bold, athletic, highly intelligent and adores people. He combines his sire’s lightness of movement with his dam’s greater substance.

His sire Atamekan passed on his jumping ability to all his offspring, and we expect Xan to do the same. A potential sporthorse sire for quality mares, he would also make the perfect “improver” for the heavier mare. He is throwing exceptional foals from a variety of mares – see below.

Xan’s sire Atamekan was a Grade I racehorse in his native Turkmenistan. He carried out two ultra-long-distance rides in Central Asia and Britain, won several times SJ and jumped Open XC. His progeny, both home-bred and from outside mares, include successful SJ, Eventing, Endurance and Show horses, illustrating the versatility of the Akhal-Teke horse. 

His dam Gulara is graded Elite by VNIIK (the All-Russia National Institute of Research and Horse-Breeding), which holds the Akhal-Teke “mother” studbook. She never competed due to a head injury at two years.

Xanadu is the only true “golden” Akhal-Teke at  stud in the UK. He has the dilution gene with one recessive gene for chestnut, enabling him to sire both palominos and buckskins.


Xan-Diego (Elvis): “A temperament to die for!! Full of character and a real sweet heart.” (owner Emma Metcalf).

“Very correct” observed the vet who came to microchip Altyn Duman (Manny).

**PLEASE NOTE** In the breeding table below, Xanadu’s grandsire is MAKSAD (black, b. 1980, Stud Book vol. IX),**NOT**SAINTWESTWELL MAKSAT (grey/buckskin, b. 1990)