Terms and Conditions


Swabs/Blood Tests All mares visiting for natural cover must have a veterinary certificate valid for the current year stating that the mare is free from infection (swabs for CEM, Klebsiella and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa), and EVA-negative (blood test).

Farrier Before arrival mares should have their back shoes removed. If removed here a charge will be incurred. Once here mares will be trimmed as necessary during their stay.

Mare Passports It is a legal requirement that mares are accompanied to the stud with their passport.

Age/Height No mares under 14.2hh are accepted. Mares must be at least 3 years old and of expected maturity for that age.

Equine Influenza/Tetanus It is highly recommended that all mares are up to date with tetanus vaccinations. In view of the Equine ‘Flu outbreak in early 2019 it is required that mares have been vaccinated within the last twelve months before arrival against equine ‘flu.

Worming Mares will be routinely wormed on arrival (or a worm count taken, according to the owner’s instructions), and thereafter every eight weeks.

Unsound Mares must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate stating the cause of unsoundness and confirming that the mare is fit to carry a foal.

Mares over 16/maiden mares over 14 may incur extra charges from mare’s third cycle onwards – please enquire. Maiden mares over 16 only accepted in special circumstances.

Vets Fees All expenses incurred for visits, examinations or medicines will be payable to the veterinary surgeon. It is recommended that the mare is scanned at 17-18 days, not only to verify conception, but to check for twins.

Stud Fees

Natural cover: £350 Kyzyl Double or Quits, £350 Xanadu. Stud fees, keep and other charges incurred on behalf of the mare owner (e.g. veterinary work) are payable in full prior to the mare leaving. No Foal, Free Return. (The free return may be transferred to another approved mare if necessary.)

Fresh/chilled AI (Kyzyl Double or Quits only): £350 + £100 approx (exact amount to be confirmed at time of booking) for each collection/transport.

Please note that semen may only be shipped Monday- Friday for arrival Tuesday – Saturday. In addition there is no shipping available on a Bank Holiday.

It is possible to arrange weekend collection, but semen would have to travel by private courier (an expensive option) to be arranged by the mare owner.

Live Foal Guarantee If a mare fails to take, aborts, re-absorbs or produces a foal that lives less than 24 hours, she or a substitute may return the following year with no further stud fee. However, in the second year a fee of £75 per mare’s cycle will be charged to cover the fee of the stallion handler in the case of natural cover. For fresh/chilled AI the usual collection/transport fee applies.

Frozen AI Frozen semen for Kyzyl Double or Quits is held at Stallion AI Services, Twemlows Hall. Carriage charge is around £120 + VAT standard charge (to be confirmed for 2021), extra if semen required before 12 noon or over a weekend. This is payable in advance, together with the stud fee of £250 for frozen AI. Twemlows recommend that three doses be sent. For unsuccessful insemination, 50% of the stud fee is returnable provided that a veterinary certificate is supplied by October 1st stating that:

1) Insemination has been attempted on at least three occasions by deep uterine insemination AND

2) The mare is not in foal.

Unused doses of semen may be kept and used, and a second (or further) resulting foal registered at a cost of half the stud fee (i.e. £125), payable at time of registration.


Covering certificates are issued by the Anglo-European Studbook and the foal may be registered/passported accordingly.

Keep Fees £35 per week grass livery (£5.00 per day, min £20 for part of a week). Mare & Foal: £50 per week, £8 per day, min £30 part of week. Please note paddocks are usually fenced at least in part with electric fencing.

Part-livery (in yard/stable): £50 per week

Mare with foal: £20 extra per covering, to cover the cost of an extra handler.

After 1st September grass keep will increase to £40 a week, and after 1st October to £50 a week. Part livery will not be available over the winter.

All fees must be paid before the mare leaves the yard. Payment may be made in cash, internet transfer or by a previously cleared cheque. Any unpaid fees will accrue monthly interest charges.

Insurance I accept no responsibility for visiting mares and foals and do not carry insurance cover; it is the owner’s responsibility to provide their own insurance cover.

Visiting mares must be covered by their owners’ third party insurance.

Mares will receive every possible care, attention and supervision, but no responsibility can be taken for accident, theft, loss or disease, however caused. In the absence of the mare owner, whilst every reasonable effort will be taken to contact that owner, I reserve the right to call upon veterinary assistance when deemed necessary and ensuing fees will be charged to the owner in the case of accident or illness. All veterinary work to do with fertility or covering will be agreed with the owner in advance. All mares are served at their owner’s risk and no responsibility can be accepted while trying or serving a mare.

Gill Suttle,

Little Mascot, The Doward,

Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 6DZ

Tel/fax: 01600 890730

Mare Owner’s Declaration

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and I agree that I accept and abide by them in relation to my mare.