Grey mare 14.2 hh

by Chatanz out of Ainur by Atamekan





Annette writes, "Fizzy excelled herself on Sunday. We managed to win the 80km race at Hanslope - Fizzy's first ever race ride and the first one I've ridden in since 2009!!... She was brilliant all day, despite getting bored with being on her own for about 75 of the 80km, and had fantastic recovery rates. Thanks to team Stride Ahead for the faultless crewing - Nikki Malcolm, Simon Hansford, Nathan Sweeney and not forgetting young George and Tizer (of course). Huge thanks to Bella Fricker and her team for organising the ride.

Photo by David Saunders

September 2016



2014 was Fizz' first serious year in Endurance. She had a successful season with her owners Jackie Richardson and Annette Hanson, completing 8 rides and being placed 2nd Novice in the Wessex Area awards for the 2014 Novice Trophy. She was also placed 19th in the EGB Novice Trophy countrywide.

Of 2015, Annette writes, "she's gone from strength to strength. None of her rides have been races as she's not qualified for those yet. So all of them have been set speed. At Milton Keynes, she completed her first 80km ride at a speed of 13.4kph and finished with a grade 2, having a final heart rate of 50... we could have waited up to 30 minutes after finishing before vetting."


Bred for endurance, Firyuza is by the leading Endurance sire Chatanz, whose impressive list of achievements may be seen here. She began life in the show ring, presented by her dam's future jockey Rosalie Shepherd. In early training she proved an apt, intelligent and highly sensitive pupil. Having a completely bombproof temperament made her much in demand on the yard: whether helping to train recent foals to box and travel, or leading older horses past the local Rottweiler!


Roz with the rewards of Chepstow Show


Monmouthshire Show


 collection for the year


Her new owners Jackie Richardson and Annette Hansford sent her to Darya Hannigan's Akhal-Teke stallion Dominik, for whom she produced a beautiful 3/4-bred foal. Yoldash won a First Premium at two BEF Shows, and has now considerably outgrown his mum. 

After a few pleasure rides, Fizz took on her first full season of Endurance in 2014, finishing 2nd Novice in the Wessex Region and 19th overall in the EGB Novice rankings. 

Yoldash at BEF Futurity: First premium

South Dorset Show


Firyuza's son YOLDASH 

7 yrs, 15.1 hh.