photo by Steve Wall


Metallic golden buckskin, 16 hh

By Atamekan out of Gulara

Django is, in the opinion of his trainer, the best horse I have bred. He has all the best characteristics of the Akhal-Teke - wiry yet strong in all the right places, with the long sloping shoulder, swinging stride and greyhound-like back movement typical of his breed. A dressage or endurance rider's dream horse, he is also bred to jump and his early work in this shows great promise. Bold, gentle and insatiably curious, he adores attention and hates to be left out. Rarely fazed, he teachs older horses to load and to go past spooky things.  

In the last year he has progressed well in his flat work, has been to a number of shows (including 3rd World Breeds, British Palomino Society Annual Show, above, with Jayne Lapping) and has enjoyed five Pleasure Rides.   

early learning days with Roz in the school

enjoying a gallop at Glanusk with Jayne and stable companion Teddy


first day



as a yearling: Monmouthshire Show with Lizzie Nicholl, and BEF with Emma Telfer

At Evesham with Lizzie

photo by Action Shots Photography