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1976 SERIES 3




My father bought this Land Rover new in 1976, and it subsequently passed to my ownership. It covered all my early eventing activities, including taking my great old event horse Scimitar to Wylye and Bramham Three-Day-Events, and then on to Lucinda Prior-Palmer (Green)'s yard when she took over the ride on him. More recently it has driven the Kyzyl horses, including my late, beloved foundation stallion Atamekan and – last year, my come-back year – Atamekan's son Tedzhen, with whom I completed my first full season's eventing since 1982 at the age of 65 (and Teddy was 17, having had to wait a very long time for his own career). Never out of work in 44 years, it has chain-harrowed my fields, graded my arena, collected fencing materials, brought hay off the field, delivered tanks of water to my grazing, while for two periods of more than a year being my sole vehicle... in short, covered the full job-description of this admirable, versatile workhorse.


Millfield School Pentathlon Team provided my first ever Modern Pentathlon competition:


(and how I remember the awful, suspiciously salty taste of the water in Millfield's old 25m swimming pool!)


From there I progressed to...                           

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  and 40 years later, after three decades "off games", to...

 (very low-class competition - but a thrilling

contrast to the last 30 years!)

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(and 7th in 1979)                                           

As ever, my faithful old Land Rover took Teddy and me to every event last year.