Team Geldy


President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov,
Presidential Palace,
744000 Ashgabat,
Turkmenistan.                                                                                                           19th August 2015



Dear President Berdymukhamedov,

We would like to offer our congratulations to your Excellency and to Turkmenistan on the appointment of the first Turkmen to become a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain, and also the first Turkmen Member of the international Long Riders' Guild: Mr. Geldy Kyarizov.

We are greatly concerned about the health and circumstances of Mr. Kyarizov, whom we hold in the deepest respect for his great personal integrity and for his historic contribution to the world of Turkmen Horses in Turkmenistan and around the world, as well as for the outstanding honours he has recently brought to his country.

Mr. Kyarizov has been invited to be the Guest of Honour at a meeting in Switzerland of the Long Riders' Guild. He has also long sought medical treatment abroad for a number of medical conditions, but last year his visa to travel to Russia for treatment was revoked.

We wish to draw his situation to your attention and respectfully request your Excellency to redirect the horse world’s attention to the generosity, rich history and outstanding reputation of the homeland of the Akhal-Teke Horse by allowing Mr. Kyarizov and his family to leave Turkmenistan and to take up their invitation to travel abroad.

With thanks for your attention to this matter.


Colonel Ajay Ahlawat:  The 16th & 61st Cavalry,  The Indian Army  INDIA


Leonid Babaev:  Owner,  V. Shamborant Stud   RUSSIA

Caroline Baldock:  Museum of the Horse,  Equestrian/Akhal-Teke Traveller/Writer    UK


Lawrence Bougault:   Equestrian/Akhal-Teke traveller    FRANCE

Jean Christophe Bourguignon: Breeder, Le Clos des Tekes      FRANCE


Viscountess Marina Bury:  Breeder, Hurst Barns Akhal-Tekes   UK

Phil Case:  Breeder, Shenandoah Farm (Akhal-Tekes)  USA

Isabella Colloredo:  Vet. Surgeon, Turkmen Horse breeder  AUSTRIA

Jaroslava Havlickova:  Founder-breeder Akhal-Tekes in Czech Republic   CZECH REPUBLIC

Jeremy James:  Writer/Equestrian Traveller, author "The Byerley Turk"  UK

Aleksandr Klimuk:  Director, Stavropol Stud (Akhal-Tekes)   RUSSIA


Prisse Könönen:  Founder-member Finnish Akhal-Teke Society1   FINLAND

Daud Kyarizov:  Geldy Kyarizov's son  TURKMENISTAN

Cathy Leddy:  Breeder, Cascade Gold Akhal-Tekes   USA 


Jessica Lee Meares: Breeder, Khan Tekes Australia   AUSTRALIA

Lisa Miller: Akhal-Teke/Equestrian Artist2   UK  


Dr. Andrea Rauter: Breeder, Akhal-Teke Austria  AUSTRIA


Brough Scott MBE:  TV presenter, writer, founding editor Racing Post  UK


Jas Shearer-MacMahon:  Breeder, Magic Valley Akhal-Tekes  USA


Allegra Steck:  Breeder, Central Asian Equines3  USA  


Gill Suttle:  Kyzyl Akhal-Tekes  Writer/Akhal-Teke Breeder/Traveller  UK 


Victoria Tollman: Executive Director, Equus Survival Trust   USA

Sue Waldock: Founder/President, Akhal-Teke Society of GB    UK



1 Currently being formally constituted

2 Exhibitor, "The Golden Horses of Tukmenistan", National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket, 2014

3 Breeder current USA National Champion Akhal-Teke